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Al Qabdah Started new project at Dubai Marina (6B+106)

DEC ,03 , 2013

  • . The tower will be 434 meters high, making it one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. It will have 72 one bedroom, 200 two bedroom, 64 three bedroom, 81 four bedroom, 7 duplexes,
    16 penthouses, and 2 customised super luxury sky villa apartments.

  • The vertical transportation system, the backbone of the building, will consist of

  • 13 high speed passenger elevators which will take in to consideration sway factors, rope resonance, sway counter measures, aerodynamic air flow, ride quality, and acoustic control.

  • In addition, there will be 7 duplex, 1 health club, 3 parking, and 1 service elevator – making it a total of 25 elevators! The 6 basements and the tower will sit on a 4 meter thick raft foundation supported by 272 friction grip piles,
    ranging from 80cm to 150cm in diameter and going as deep as 76 meter below ground. The forest of piles, gripped by the surrounding strata, will ensure the safety and stability of the super tall structure.

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